Schooling project

Schooling project booster

RSF director Job Mwanza has come to an agreement with FC Pamodzi which will secure a boost for the schooling project. The agreement states that FC Pamodzi will supports the project with money to send 10 dropped out pupils back to either primary or secondary school. 7 of these pupils is already identified and will get into class the upcoming term, starting on monday!
2018-05-10 21.40.44
This money will be a great boost for the project in our efforts to give all the rural changers and frequently participants the possibility to be in school.
FC Pamodzi director Erik Lek says ’this money has been gathered  through various sports activities we conducted in Sweden. Now we are happy that it could be used for a good purpose.’
Our peer-leaders is now busy buying the necessary equipment for the pupils getting back to school. Books, pens, uniforms and other contributions in kind for the schools is on the shopping-list.
Next big event for Rural Sports Foundation is on Saturday when we are conducting a Ligi Yatu in Petauke with economics on the educational sessions.

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