Schooling project

Schooling Project

“If you are really THANKFUL. What do you DO? You share”
W. Clement Stones.
Thankful we are to FC Pamodzi Sweden for helping 7 children from our programs go back to school who
were out of the school due to financial difficulties.
Most of our children drop out ofschool due to financial challenges as most parents and guardians couldn’t
support them due to high poverty levels facing rural communities of Zambia.
In April 2018 FC Pamodzi founder Erik Lek visited our activities and saw this need. He together with his FC Pamodzi Sweden promised to put 10 children back in class. This has come reality as 7 of 10 children are in
uniform and back in class.
Thankful we are and Grateful We Shall Remain
Here you meet some with their parents and guardians!



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