Ligi Yatu, RSF Sweden

Zambia reaching out to Sweden

In July our Director, Job Mwanza, is flying to Sweden for the Gothia Cup (The World Youth Cup) that taking place in Gothenburg. During his stay in Sweden he will, together with Erik Lek from RSF Sweden arrange our first Ligi Yatu in Sweden.

The Ligi Yatu will be a bit smaller than the once we have in Zambia but we want to give the Swedish kids a possibility to try on the concept and on the same time learn about Zambian culture. The topic of the educational sessions will be Zambian culture and especially how it is to raise up in Zambia. One example of this is that Job will bring some Leba that our Zambian participants has made to be used on the tournament.


The venue will be a small city called Strömstad (the home of RSF Sweden) just on the border to Norway. We are excited to take the concept to Sweden and share the Zambian way to our football friends in Sweden. We also hope that we can spread the information about our activities here in Petauke among the kids and their parents.

Underneath you´ll see the invitation letter to the event that is written in Swedish because it is for the participants and their parents.



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