Rural Sports Foundation

SupaMoto training

A very interesting day for the organization as a SupaMoto-trainer had a 4 hours session with 20 of our Rural Changers at our office last weekend!

The last months, we have been discussing with SupaMoto about this new project that now will come to a start. The project is one part of our social enterprise in our efforts to bring in some money for our other projects and on the same time giving Rural Changers a chance to bring the change to their communities.

SupaMoto is a company in the clean-energy industry. They are selling energy efficient stoves, fuel to the stoves and electronics like lights and radios with solar energy. We will proudly act like agents for SupaMoto in order to bring clean energy to our region!


For this project we engaged Rural Changers that is not into our sports and education projects so they could keep the focus on their task. The selected Rural Changers is coming from three different locations: Petauke town, Chipata town and Mumbi Chiefdome (a village area in Petauke district).

Our Rural Changers was tought how the products work and are produced as well as how SupaMotos selling-system works. It feels great to know that SupaMoto is using the wood waste from, for example furniture manufacturing, to produce the pellets that is burning to heat the stove!

In action

We hope that this project will be a good boost for our organization´s economy and giving our region better and more sustainable energy!

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