Rural Sports Foundation

Grassroot Soccer training

Last week we had a great full training week for our Rural Changers at the office in Petauke. It was Grassroot Soccer that came to teach us in their Skillz curriculum.


The rural changers will now, after this training, go out in their communities, identify small teams of boys and girls and conduct 1 week education programs with the teams. The program offer the opportunity to build self-esteem, learn valuable life skills, and understand the health options available to them.

IMG-20180810-WA0014The program is made up with both theoretic sessions as well as practical. In the practical sessions we are using the ball to pinpoint some of the key elements of the curriculum, for example what risks you are facing if you have unprotected sex.


The curriculum is designed for the agegroup 10-14 and the participants will discuss topics like school dropout,  HIV and Gender based violence.



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