Festival Mcekeni

Schoolbreak means FESTIVAL! Once again we went back to Mumbi Chiefdome but this time Mcekeni Village was the hosts. Starting on wednesday this week, the three day festival ended yesterday.


500 participants in the netball and football tournaments throughout the week. Even if we this time didn´t have all the resourses to provide everything needed, the festival was a showcase of happiness and love for the sport among the participants.


Last week we graduated the first participants of the Skillz Core in Petauke Town. This weekend we had 300+ graduates among the participants who had gone through the 10 practices long curriculum and got their certificates on the Festival. Great work!

Skillz graduates

Our partner in green energy SupaMoto was also there to educate the whole community on clean energy and off grid lightning systems.


We want to thank all our Rural Changers, Supa Moto, RSF Sweden and mostly all the participants who made this Festival an event to remember!

Teamphoto 1

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