Ligi Yatu, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Ligi Yatu November

On Saturday there was a great day in Petauke! 188 kids participated in this months Ligi Yatu.


The rainseason is appoaching so we used the occation to prepare the participants with educational sessions about personal hygiene to reduce the risk of Cholera disease.


As always there was a lot of action on the fields of football as the teams was competing for the glory!

One of the biggest happenings of the day was the equiptment distribution. Soccer Gear for Zambias (the american partner) shipment has arrived and we gave out match kits to 15 teams that was participation in the tournament!


We are so grateful to have such a great partner who shares the joy of football from one part of the world to the other. We also thank all of our Rural Changers that makes these events possible – great achivement!



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