Football Academy

Academy news

New headcoach Gerald has now installed himself in Petauke and the practices has got an never seen number of players!

It´s great to see so many kids coming up for practice every afternoon. The last days it has been well over 100 kids coming for daily activities!!


Of course this brings big pressure upon our coaches to get everyone involved and give each player the attention he or she needs. Now when the academy has grown this big the need of our own center is increasing, so the new plot of land that we have aquired will come in handy later in the year. More information about the plot will come later.

Our older boys are preparing for the amature league that starts next month. They got a convincing victory in a friendly game last weekend.

We are so happy to see so many girls coming for practice, last friday we had over 30 players in the girls 10 team!


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