Ligi Yatu, QYLFI, Soccer Gear For Zambia

Ligi Yatu 2019

Another great day at Rural Sports Foundation. Yesterday it was time for this year´s first Ligi Yatu. This time it was 19 teams, in the categories U10 and U12 competing and had a fun day on the field.


It was great to see, that thanks to the shipment from USA, all the kids could play with teamkits!


We had games on four fields going on for four hours, so a lot of games played.


As always our Rural Changers was there to conduct educational sessions as well. This day was about child abuse. The participants went through sessions about Physical, mental and sexuall abuse. We aslo took the advantage of the event to invite some older adolescents as well to have a meeting for the QYLFI-project to discuss SRHR-issues and policies.


Lastly we are happy that we was able to arrenge for some winning prices this time around, giving the participants something to compete for. Everyone won refreshments and winners got some equiptment to engage them even more in the game of football!


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Thank you all for a wonderful day!


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