RSF center, Rural Sports Foundation

RSF center – Our future

We are excieted to announce that we now are creating possibilities for the future! 2019 is the year when we are starting to build our own center. So far we have been renting an office and borrowing a pitch to play on, but now we will start to build for ourselves.

A few months ago we managed to aquire a piece of land, 130 by 160 meters, located just behind Show ground, Petauke’s biggest compound, 2 km north of the city center.

In January and February we got help from an architect to develop a layout for an office which will be the first thing that we will build together with leveling out the land for making a pitch.


Due to financial restrictions we need to take this step by step, but we hope to move into our new office before the end of June. As of right now the land is still a farmingland, but as soon as the farmingseason is over in a couple of months we will be able to start to build.

As we are waiting for the sunflowers to be farmed we have raised the corner poles for the building.



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