Ligi Yatu

Ligi Yatu March

On saturday we held another great Ligi Yatu! This time around with a celebrety and 120 kids showing up!

Catherine Phiri bacame the first African boxer to win the World Boxing Council bantam weight champion when she beat Yazmin Rivas from Mexico in 2016. Since then she has been honoured both by the World boxing council and our president, Edgar Lungu. On saturday she passed by the ground to meet all our excieted Ligi Yatu participants.


It was a very succesfull day having sessions with the topic: Kicking AIDS out! The participants learnt about different methods to keep out of bad habits. They was encouraged to focus on schoolwork and continue being involved in sports.


Our oldest female players was officiating the games during this tournament and they handled the 17 teams very good.


We also had another honorable guest: Chief Mumbi. He was there with Catherine and gave his support to us and to a new project it Petauke Town where Catherine invited all children 10-15 years old to try out Boxing! Great initiative!


In all a very nice tournament with a lot of intense games. Once again, a great praise to our peer-leaders who is constantly changing our community for a bright future!


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