QYLFI, RSF Sweden, Rural Sports Foundation

Visit and AAZ quarter report

After a busy week for the management we are now looking back on a great week!

On Monday Erik from RSF Sweden came to Petauke and he will be staying with us now until mid June! We have used the week to get him up to speed with the organization so we now have a foundation to work from.


Otherwise the major task was to compile the report to Action Aid for the start up of the QYLFI project.

After the trainings in February we have used 5 weeks  to deliver 10 sessions per youth group in topics related to SRHR policies. We are happy that we were able to deliver these sessions as planned and are confident that the adolescents we met now have a bit more knowledge of the same field.

As we compiled the report we also wrote some success stories including that we got the support from Chief Mumbi to be able to make a greater impact in the long run, as well as participants saying that sexuall harassments had reduced, girls knowing their rights of school after pregnancy and adolescents now got to know youth friendly corners.




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