Sport has a huge influence on our lives. At its best it can bring large masses together regardless of race, gender and background. This makes it a powerful tool for social change. Sport is more than just playing a game. It educate people about their bodies and it promote mutual respect while building self-esteem among children and young people. Sport could also provide awareness on different issues like gender equality, social as well as economical. Sport can also be a tool to reduce the risk for children and young people to be involved in anti-social ills like drugs, sex, crime and others.

We use this powerful tool to empower thousands of participants and spectators every time the school go on break which is in April/May, August and December. Our festivals is combined sports and education events.

Festival overview

The festival includes tournaments in football and netball. During these tournaments the rural changers along with partners conduct a variety of educational sessions, such as agriculture, climate change, sexual and reproductive health rights, gender equality, financial literacy among others. Testing for HIV/AIDS has also been a station on the festivals.

Festival netball

These villages which host our festivals lacking events like this which makes the events not only good for the benefits the villagers enjoy from the education and sport activities, but also the joy an event like this will bring to the community.

Festival game 2