Ligi Yatu

Sport has a huge influence on our lives. At its best it can bring large masses together regardless of race, gender and background. This makes it a powerful tool for social change. Sport is more than just playing a game. It educate people about their bodies and it promote mutual respect while building self-esteem among children and young people. Sport could also provide awareness on different issues like gender equality, social as well as economical. Sport can also be a tool to reduce the risk for children and young people to be involved in anti-social ills like drugs, sex, crime and others.

We use this powerful tool to empower 100-200 boys and girls weekly in our Ligi Yatu project. The Ligi Yatu is a one day event which bring children between 7-12 years of age to benefit from a football tournament as well as undergo educational sessions.

Ligi Yatu pretalks

Mostly we engage the children in Youth Development through Football (YDF) joint, ”WAter Sanitation and Hygiene Education” (WASHE) to inform our participants in water and sanitation issues. In the future we also aim to extend the education programs to other themes such as HIV/AIDS, SRHR and climate change.

How we organize this
These events is planned and conducted by our rural changers. We let the older players in the football academy go out in the community to gather one team each who they will be coaching in the seven a-side tournament. Our rural changers is engaging the players in educational sessions in between their games. The teams will gain points not only through winning games but also to take part of the education as well as show good sportsmanship and friendship.

Ligi Yatu overview