QYLFI – SRH Services our right

In this project we are trying to spread knowledge about SRHR among adolecents and engage civic leaders in SRHR policies. We will build a platform for adolescents in Petauke to link up with policymakers in the region in order to make their voice heard. In this way we hope to get more young people engaged in the community and giving the policymakers better posibillities to make decisions so that the system is offering better services and opportunities to the community.

The project was started off with a training for our Rural Changers in the beginning of February 2019. They were trained in SRHR and and how the policysystem works in Zambia. In the training they were equiped to become rolemodels for their peers in their communities and they discussed how to engage adolecents as well as civic leaders in the SRHR policies.

In the Project, our Rural Changers will meet adolescents in 5 wards in 2 different constituencies within Petauke District. We will split up the adolescents into 5 groups with about 30 in each with 4 Rural Changers addressing each group. These groups will be having weekly meetings to learn and share knowledge about SRHR and policies in Zambia. During these meetings the Rural Changers will compile a document that brings light on the adolescents challenges in their community, their thoughts about the policies and what could be done to better serve their needs.

This document will be handed over to the civic leaders which will give them an idea of what the adolescents thinks of the policies. The project then continues with us inviting the civic leaders to a meeting with some of the adolescents from our groups together with our Rural Changers for a discussion about the document and SRHR related issues.

The project will be finished up at one of our festivals where the Rural Changers will engage the participants and the spectators in sessions with general SRHR education and shread some light on the projects outcome.

This project will be ran for 6 months with a possability to extend it for another 6 months.