RSF Center

The growth of our organization has demanded, and made possible, for us to get our own center with the facilities we require to serve our communities. Because of financial restricitons we will build this center step by step.

In the yearbreak of 2018 we manage to aquire a piece of land. It is a former farmingland that now was supposed to develop into a land with buildings. The land is 130 by 160 meters and is located behind Show ground, PetaukeĀ“s biggest compound, 2 km north of Petauke city center.


In the begining of 2019 we developed, together with an architect, a layout for a officebuilding. The office together with leveling of the land in order to make a footballpitch will be the first things we will do on the land. According to our original plan, we wanted to get our new office ready during the first 6 months of the year but due to financial constraints the process has taken longer.


More to come after the office and the pitch is to build accomondationbuildings, other sport courts as well as buildings for social enterprises. In the future we also want to create a youth hub which also will have buildings on the land.

If you would like to help us out in developing this center, please find out how in the RSF menu, get yourself involved or donate to our social enterprise – Blockmanufacturing.