Soccer Gear For Zambia

Since 2017, football families in the USA have been sharing gear with players in Zambia. To date, Soccer Gear for Zambia has shipped over 8,500 items, including uniforms, cleats, balls, goalie and ref gear and more.

Rural Sports Foundation manages the distribution of gear received, focusing on social change through sports programs in rural areas, and those that focus on youth wellness, quality education and/or gender equality. Use the ‘Request Gear’ button to learn how your program may qualify to receive gear. Our annual supply of gear usually arrives around January. Applications are accepted in July.

Team with kits

Behind the Soccer Gear for Zambia movement is our great friend Laura Stukel. We started The Elmhurst Cup to say thanks to her hometown that donates most of our gear. Laura started the initiative when she found this great opportunity for American families to reach out to their fellow Zambians and what impact that could give. In the collection both private persons and organizations is involved to gather both used and new equipment that is not used in the US anymore. One of the great sponsors to this initiative is AYSO in Elmhurst, Illinois who have made it possible for the initiative to become such an success! AYSO is a nationwide youth soccer organization in USA. Another great sponsor is Team Elmhurst Soccer Club, if you see the pictures from the distributions you’ll recognize their brand on the kits TESC.

So far has Soccer Gear for Zambia mostly been active in and around Elmhurst, but through the Facebook page they are also reaching out for more collection-initiatives within USA. So if you are interested, find all the information on Facebook/Webpage!

Rural Sports Foundation works carefully to distribute gear across the country. More than 50 programs have received gear, covering the majority of provinces in Zambia. The map from 2018 shows how gear was distributed.