What we do

Read our current Strategic plan here: Strategic Plan 2021/22

In order to bring change to our communities, we  currently offer a range of different projects;

Every school break we bring 1000+ adolescents to big sports and education festivals. Various themes on the education is conducted by our rural changers as well as partners. The festival offers tournaments in football and netball for the participants.
Football academy
We conduct football trainings 4 days a week + weekend games for talent development in a rural set-up.
Social football
We strive to give children the opportunity to play football as much as possible. We give out equiptment to local and countrywide organizations as well as kids in our communities to start playing on their own.
Ligi Yatu
Weekly football tournaments which brings 100-200 children for a one day event with football in combination with education, mostly about water, hygiene and sanitation.
QYLFI – SRH Services our righ
This project tries to spread knowledge about SRHR among adolecents and engage civic leaders in SRHR policies. We will build a platform for adolescents in Petauke to link up with policymakers in the region in order to make their voice heard, and give civic leaders possibilities to make sound decisions.
Schooling project
We strive to put back all of our participants as well as rural changers who have dropped out of school so they can finish secondary school.
Coaching Boys Into Men
A weekly program-curriculum where we discuss respect, non-violence and relationships with our boys in the football academy.

We have also in the past conducted a range of other projects;

Petauke Youth League – ran 2019
This is the first youth league in Petauke that we launched in 2019! It is to great value, not only for Rural Sports Foundations players but to teams all around Petauke. In the first season of the league there is 16 teams participating in a U17 category, and we are happy that we are participating with our boys as well as girls team.
Social Business – ran 2019
We are manufacturing blocks to sell as well as build our own center. This is a way for us to get some funds for our activities.
Skills Core – ran 2018
A project that uses football metaphores and activities to discuss SRHR and promote gender based violence. The 10 practices long curriculum is designed for girls and boys 10-14 year old. The sessions are both theoretical and practical where we use the ball to pinpoint the key elements of the curriculum.
Goal – ran 2018
Afterschool project which brings 300 girls to participate in educational and sport activities. The themes is communication, health and hygiene, rights and financial literacy.
Child Literacy Hub – ran 2016-2017
This is our project that seek to help children not to be a subject to child labor, teenage pregnancy and child marriage but instead prepare them for primary education.