QYLFI, Rural Sports Foundation

Big signing to start off the year

On Friday the 18:th of January, Director Job Mwanza was in Lusaka to sign a one year MoU with Action Aid Zambia. The MoU include a 6 months project with a possibility to extend for another 6 months.

It is a Queen Young Leader Firestarter Initiative project and we were selected from a big pool of applications. Our project will be called SRH Services Our Right and will be about civic leader engagement in SRHR policies.


The MoU was signed by Job Mwanza and Action Aid Zambia Director Nalucha Nganga Ziba, and the guest of honor at the cermony was our special advisor to the board, the swedish ambassador, Henrik Cederin who wished us all the best with the implementation.


This support from Action Aid will help us with funds to run the project which will lead to more focus on the SRHR-policies in our communities both from civic leaders and from the young people that we meet. It will also help us to strengthen our organization through capacity building in project-implementation, finance, monitoring and evaluation.

We are very happy that Action Aid gave our communies the resourses for this project that has the possibility to bring change in Petauke District, and we are honored that they believes in our organization to be the implementer.

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